Founded 30 years ago by brothers who came to America from the mountainous region of northern Lebanon, Neomonde has a spirit all its own. That's because the Saleh brothers Samir ("Sam"), Joseph ("Joe"), Mounir, and DeGaulle decided long ago that anything they sell must be good enough to serve their own family. They consider it their responsibility as ambassadors of their country and their culture to provide nothing less than the best.

Their dedication to excellence and authenticity began when the brothers were just boys, growing up in Lebanon. They tended the family's wheat fields, harvesting grain and taking it to be ground at the town mill. They watched their mother, Cecilia, mix dough and bake bread in the communal kiln. In the evening, when the family gathered together to eat, the texture and delicious taste of bread was satisfying as well as symbolic. In a village that could remember times of famine, bread meant celebration. Pita, this native bread, is much more than a culinary or even cultural tradition. It is health. It is passion. It is life itself.

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