Become a Frequent Foodie

How to join?

Sign up at any of our locations or online (No need for a physical card) here. Already a Frequent Foodie? Login!


  • • Receive a point for every dollar spent
  • • Receive 25 bonus points when you sign up
  • • Get $10 store credit for every 125 points earned
  • • Get $6 to spend during your birthday month (must sign up for birthday rewards in account)
  • You can now link your credit cards to your account and don't have to worry about missing any of your points


How do I earn rewards?

When you sign up for a Rewards Account after paying with a credit or debit card, the account is also linked to that credit or debit card. When future payments are taken with that card the Rewards Point will be applied to your account automatically. A linked debit/credit card will automatically earn points on future payments.

Note: If you want to link more than one card to your account, you MUST use the link in your welcome email to Verify the Card in order for the card to be used for redeeming points. If the card is not verified, the debit/credit card alone will not prompt you to use your points for discounts.

If your Rewards Account was created from a cash payment (or on our old POS system), you do not have it linked to a credit card or debit card, they must present on of the following:

  • Digital QR Code (to be scanned)
  • Email address or phone number is used at signup

How do I track my rewards?

You can track your rewards on your account here This page will update in real-time as transactions to the account occur and points are earned or redeemed. The page also features a unique QR code that can be printed and scanned at the point of purchase to tie the transaction to your Rewards Account. We suggest you save this webpage in your smartphone as a bookmark or print the card out and bring it when you dine. If you choose to do neither, you can provide your name, phone number, or email at the point of sale as well.

Do I earn credit when purchasing or using gift card?

Yes, only when redeeming a gift card, but not when purchasing.

Does my credit expire?

No, there is no expiration date. Except for the $6 Birthday credit, that can only be used once annually, during your birthday month.

Do I earn credit for tax and gratuity?

No, credit is awarded before tax and gratuity are calculated.

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Become a Frequent Foodie

As a frequent foodie, you'll receive discounts and loyalty points towards future purchases.