hearth oven flatbreads

*Made with organic flour

Three Cheese (Jibni)

Handmade flatbread basted with garlic & olive oil, topped with our blend of Mediterranean cheeses – Vegetarian

Savory Spiced Beef (Lahem B’ahjeen)

Traditional favorite known as “Lahem B’Ahjeen” made from lean ground beef, tomato, onion, garlic and spices

Tomato & Olive

Three cheese blend, tomatoes and green olives – Vegetarian

Herb Zaatar [zah-tar]

Ancient spice mixture made from dried thyme, sumac and sesame seeds drizzled with extra virgin olive oil – Vegan

Spinach Carré [car-rae]

Fresh spinach, onion & feta cheese folded into a rectangle and baked – Vegetarian

Feta Spinach

Fresh Spinach, onion, feta cheese & garlic – Vegetarian

Spinach Fatayer [fa-tie-yer]

Fresh spinach, onion & tomato flatbread folded into a triangle and baked – Vegan

Zaatar Deluxe [zah-tar]

Thyme, labneh, EVOO, tomato, cucumber, kalamata olives, fresh mint – Vegetarian

Morrisville Mediterranean restaurant

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