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The Paleo dietary lifestyle is characterized by plentiful amounts of saturated fats (oils), vegetables and moderate amounts of proteins (egg, meat, seafood, nuts). It focuses on generally decreasing the amount of carbohydrates and fruits (low on glycemic index) being consumed.

The Paleo diet excludes breads, grains, dairy (mostly), legumes (beans or lentils), & sugar.

(*While there are varying perspectives on what “Paleo” strictly is – Ex. tomatoes and eggplant are a part of the nightshade family and may not be appropriate for some proponents of this diet – we have done our best to include these considerations)

Our SPECIALTY MARKET also includes many affordable, high-quality oils (olive, avocado, coconut, grape seed) that are staples of this diet, as well as a vast selection of freshly important spices and several food options.

Paleo Diet Menu

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